WaPo: Trump loyalist pushes ‘post-constitutional’ vision for second term

Via Washington Post:

“We are living in a post-Constitutional time,” Vought wrote in a seminal 2022 essay, which argued that the left has corrupted the nation’s laws and institutions. Last week, after a jury convicted Trump of falsifying business records, Vought tweeted: “Do not tell me that we are living under the Constitution.”

Vought aims to harness what he calls the “woke and weaponized” bureaucracy that stymied the former president by stocking federal agencies with hardcore disciples who would wage culture wars on abortion and immigration. The proposals championed by Vought and other Trump allies to fundamentally reset the balance of power would represent a historic shift — one they see as a needed corrective.”

Don’t get me wrong — this is bad. Trump and his handlers like Vought are a true threat to our country. But even if Trump loses, the danger they represent remains, lurking in the background and waiting for the next opportunity to seize power. The Christofascist threat is real and they will not stop until all of us are subservient to their ideology of hate.

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